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"If one of us is feeling a bit off in my family, someone says 'go see Jill'.  That's because Jill has helped nearly every one of us with one thing or another.  Seriously, me, my husband, sister, mother, father-in-law, cousin; we've seen her for fertility, post-surgical scar tissue, bum shoulders, detox, pregnancy massage, migraines, chronic foot pain, and abdominal work.  I first met her on a referral from my acupuncturist during a 4 year journey towards having my boys.  I remember going directly to social media after and saying how abdominal massage just might save my life.  See, my appendix blew when I was 18 and the doctors said I'd need surgery my whole life to remove scar tissue so that digestion would work properly and that I may never have children.  And I had had about 4 surgeries since that time...until I met Jill.  The abdominal therapy had such a profound impact that two separate doctors commented how amazed they were by my body's healing power.  I told them I had a little help along the secret weapon, Jill."    - Julie R.


"Jill has done it all for me.  I started seeing Jill for abdominal therapy when I was undergoing secondary infertility.  She was emotionally supportive during this difficult time.  She is a talented massage therapist, I noticed many physical changes specifically my tailbone and my menses went back to normal.  When I did conceive (which I am convinced it had to do with the abdominal therapy), Jill supported me with massage throughout my pregnancy.  With proper positioning of my uterus, I was ALWAYS more comfortable after my appointments with Jill.  I continued to see Jill after the delivery of my baby for general massage maintenance and belly work.  I highly, highly recommend Jill as your massage therapist.  She really knows her stuff and is extremely talented."    - Sarah W.

"I started seeing Jill for a chronic back problem and she did wonders for my back as well as my state of mind.  I continued to see her for other ailments and during my pregnancy.  She always was willing to listen and helped me maintain balance with my mind, body and soul.  I always looked forward to our sessions, knowing how much lighter I would feel afterwards.  She opened my mind to the possibilities of holistic therapies and for this I cannot thank her enough."    - Kristy P.


"I worked with Jill regularly for several years.  She was recommended to me as a massage therapist who did excellent abdominal work.  About the time I started seeing Jill,  I also had acid reflux symptoms.  My physician recommended Prilosec.  But that seemed counter intuitive to what I had been reading about the cause.  Jill was able to recommend some natural alternatives that worked very very well and gave me suggestions to improve my eating habits.  I have not been bothered by acid reflux for some time.  Over our years of working together, she helped me wholistically with suggestions to improve my overall health: food, general eating practices, supplements and activities.  I know where ever she is, she is helping others get the most out of their lives."    - Barbara F.


"I received abdominal massage from Jill for the last several years.  I was sure not to miss a month.  She was the only therapist I've ever found that was that profoundly effective in her work.  She would work on areas I was having trouble with and even was able to find areas I didn't know were a problem before they became a problem.  Specifically, I had trouble with menstrual cramps, wanted help getting pregnant, and then had a hip that went out post-partum and she was able to really hone in on those issues and work them out.  She was able to tell me exactly what the issues were and gave me exercises for them.  She also recommended different supplements and herbs, diet and lifestyle changes that were helpful.  I would be lost if I didn't have Jill as my therapist!"    - Tiffany R.


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I look forward to assisting you on your healing journey.

Peacefully, Jill Shepherd

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